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    It is well known that children have different interests. In that way, we offer you a diverse range of toys in our "world of play". Please note that the toys are categorized by age to guarantee an optimal choice and learn effects as well for your kids. Discover now what kids like
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Poly-M Plug-building systems and RC toys

Promote the creativity of their children and obtain from us the right plug-in toys. Certainly you can also remember your own childhood. Back then it was a real adventure, even to invent new games and have adventures with the plug toy. Click through the different designs in our online shop and get you the suitable equipment for your little ones. You will quickly realize that you can also combine with each other's products, because the little figures fit perfectly together with all other plug-in modules. 
Funny play on the farm 
Show your child what is a farm and let your wishes with us free rein. The Masha Keychain from the cartoon Masha and the Bear would be a nice little idea, if you prefer a little attention. 
Jumbo pack for fun and games 
If you get plug-in modules for your children, you will automatically promote the coordination and creative thinking your children. You are also equal to procure an entire game case, because in a multibox are all basic plug-in modules included. See the descriptions exactly, if you are looking for something that is according to age appropriate. Our detailed product descriptions provide information on what age the toy is suitable. How about, for example, equal to a jumbo pack with all basic plug-in modules, so that the children can really start happening? Alternatively, you can decide, for example, for a small site with plug-in modules to course. 
Plug toy Basisset 
If you want to try out first of all that their child reacts to this new toy, you will find small passages in our online shop. The bright colors stimulate interest in all children. If you already know that your child leaves the building blocks, you can also equal the combination kit with all 87 blocks order a favorable price with us.