Recumbent bike

Stamina training with the seat exercise bike
The seat exercise bike offers a good possibility to be able to carry out a with lasting effect effective stamina training. Since the seat exercise bike offers a pleasant seat position in which the training is carried out. Thereby it is also slightly possible to devote itself regularly to the training, because the special seat position forms the training interesting, on the other hand, contributes, however, also to the training success. The seat exercise bike is suited therefore above all also for longer trainings very well and of course the condition can be coached.

Different exercises with the seat exercise bike
With the seat exercise bike different training programmes can be carried out. Since the seat exercise bike disposes of several, stored away programmes in different load steps. In this manner one can simply feel way to own load limits and increase the challenge steadily. Besides, the opposition can be put by the training device of course also individually to reach the desired load step.

Digital display with the seat exercise bike
The seat exercise bike disposes of course also of a modern digital display about which numerous data can be read. Here thus one finds numerous information about the topical training. Thus possibly the topical pulse is measured, but also the speed, the already covered distance, the calorie consumption or a body fat analysis. Even the watts produced by the training are shown on the announcement. Should limit values be crossed, this is also signalled by a special announcement. Also the different training programmes which are possible with the seat exercise bike are steered about the digital display and can be also pursued about this. The support by the training computer offers a helpful possibility to improve the training success and to achieve the desired aims.