Massage Hula Hoop with 35 Acu-pressure balls, 0.8kg

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Lose weight with the Hula Hoop
Almost everyone knows the Hula Hoop. The popular frost from childhood has become a new trend sport. Stars and asterisks show how to take off with the Hula Hoop tire and on Instagram and other social media networks a taut belly to the next.

What causes the Hula Hoop?
Getting thin with the Hula Hoop is not magic. The exercises can be done comfortably at home while the TV is running or the stew is cooking on the stove. Even outside in the garden, movement with the tire makes a giant fun and even more when the music on the iPad runs. Also the time division is not a problem with the project taut belly. It does not have to be trained for an hour, five minutes, since ten minutes are enough for an effective workout. To be able to use the Hula Hoop tire properly, however, it is recommended to have at least half an hour of daily training. The body burns about 600 calories per hour when moving with the brisk tire. However, the tire is not suitable for lightning. The training is mainly the condition and the is the mother of any weight loss. Because when the body has adjusted to regular exercise, it is easier to maintain the weight. Not only abdomen, waist, hip and butt are molded with the tire. Cellulitis is also reduced and the entire metabolism is stimulated. Because the tire massages the intestines and the organs and thus ensures a good body feeling.

How does the workout work with the Hula Hoop?
If you want to become fit and slim with the Hula Hoop, you should not wear sloppy clothing as this prevents the movements of the tire. These three basics are the quick guide for anyone who wants to take the Hula Hoop tire:

1. From the stand, one foot is slightly pushed forward and the Hula Hoop tire is placed around the waist. Both hands hold the tire loosely and position it so that it rests on the back approximately at the height of the sacrum or slightly over it.
2. Both hands now give the tire a swing, while the hips move back and forth. Again and again it is claimed that the hips must circle, but this is the wrong technique. Simply go back and forth.
3. If the hips move so well when rocking, the focus should be on a regular rhythm. If the Hula Hoop slides down once, it helps to easily go to the knees and simply let the tire circle further. This brings him back to the belly.

Intermediate may vary the speed or turn in the same direction as the tire rotates. If the project taut belly runs well, the focus can be placed on the buttocks. In order to be lean on the hips with the Hula Hoop, the tire has to be lowered a bit.

Slim with Hula Hoop - which tire is the right one?
Previously, the Hula Hoops were plastic tires, but the range has grown rapidly. Hula Hoop Tires for slimming have, for example, nubs, which provide an additional massage effect on the tissue. The old tire from childhood can stay in the cellar. New Hula Hoop tires have the advantage that they lie well on the hips and can quickly achieve visible training effects like a slim belly. Hula Hoop tires for weight loss are not cost intensive.

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