Masha and the Bear

Mascha and the Bear soft toys (plush): child stars to touch and cuddle!
In this shop category children's dreams come true: Discover our selection of plush characters from the popular animated Russian film "Mascha and the Bear". Lovely details and colorful outfits embody visual highlights, the speaking and singing function of some of the soft toys provides entertainment at the push of a button! And even as cute key fob the soft toys make a good figure. Boredom will be driven out of the children's room with these plush toys!

Children Backpack Masha and the Bear, soft and cuddly in red

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Masha from "Masha and the bear" Plush singing and speaking, 29cm

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Masha from "Masha and the bear" Pendant with suction cup 15cm

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Children's bag from Masha and the Bear, soft and cuddly in purple

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Let's shine a child's eyes and see yourself with our stuffed animals around, if you look, for example, a key chain or other stuffed animal. Make your kids birthday or as a Christmas gift a great joy and click through the online plush figures from our shop.
Fun for the whole family

Determines their children already know the animated series named Masha and the Bear. Click through the lovely details and colorful products, because they are riddled with many visual highlights. Some of our designs even have a specific function, or a speakerphone and thus entertain your children in an appealing way. By pressing a button you can Keep the fun around the clock, therefore.
The stars of the animated series

Have you already discovered the cute key chain? With Macha and the bear is guaranteed to never be bored again in the nursery on. A singing and laughing Bear always brings joy. You may be able to maintain the same even for a nice key chain out, so you can always find your keys. Search, for example, as Masha plush doll or bear out, you can choose from different designs. How about, for example, with a Maschaschülerin that can sing and speak? The animated series Masha and the Bear in Russia is a big hit and rightly so. In children, the series is a real hit, convince yourself briefly itself It makes sense if you take a few minutes to even look at the sweet animated series itself, because you will be amazed.