Mantowarka with induction bottom (diameter 24/26/28/30cm)

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Steam cooking with system
With the Mantowarka, abbreviated Manty, prepared in Russian cuisine for centuries by steaming dishes. Increasingly, this preparation also enjoys great popularity in Germany. The base of Mantowarka forms a large pot of brushed stainless steel. There are also a number of articles that are riddled some Stelllen. The essays are freely stacked on the base pan. In each article, a separate dish be prepared without the smell or the taste of the other essays on going. Thus, complete meals can be prepared in a single operation. The Mantowarka is suitable for gas, induction and electric cookers.

Before commissioning the base pot should be rinsed with plenty of water and rubbed with a little vegetable oil. The surface of the Mantowarka is comparatively thin and soft, so that should not be worked with sharp objects in the articles or the base pot. Suffice it to fill about two liters of water in the Baistopf. The actual cooking takes place solely through the rising steam. This exits through the holes in the articles and can be easily extracted by the hood.

Gentle preparation and easy to clean
Thanks to the steam, the preparation is carried out at a low temperature. This particularly many vitamins are obtained and the vegetables remain crisp, as it is not located directly in the water. With the Mantowarka can be next to vegetables but also pasta, meat and fish dishes create. Especially for sensitive organic products of Manty cooker is suitable with the gentle preparation, because so also the flavor remains intact. The heat development takes place here on the entire surface of the articles, so that a uniform cooking occurs.

The cleaning effort of Manty digester is minimal because only water is used for cooking. The careful wiping with a wet sponge is sufficient. All components are dishwasher safe.

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