New trend Denefhoop
Denefhoops are flexible hula hoops that help the body stay healthy and flexible. Due to its unique texture, it adapts to any movement and can be folded small. The movement with the Hoop becomes particularly pleasant by its mobility. The Hoops are available in different sizes, which should be adjusted optimally to the body size. The following recommendations can be followed:
For a body size up to 175 cm, the tyre diameter should be 160 cm. For larger people up to a height of 190 cm 180 cm are suitable. From 190 cm body height there are tyres with a diameter of 200 cm.

Fitter and more vital through the Denefhoop
Especially in times when most people sit for many hours a day, physical exercise becomes more important than ever. Especially the often curved posture in front of the computer can lead to tension, posture problems and headaches in the long run. The Denefhoop offers excellent possibilities to counteract these problems. By the use of the Hoops the spinal column is stretched wonderfully. But not only the spine benefits from this unique hoop. Whoever uses the Denefhoop opens his chest automatically.  This stretches the muscles that regularly shorten when working at the desk. The lungs get more space and breathing deepens. This in turn not only relaxes the body, but also the mind. On the one hand, deep breaths promote the blood circulation of the entire body. But they also have a calming and relaxing effect.

Possible applications and Denefhoop Yoga
The Denefhoop can be used in many different ways. Since the Hoop is flexible, it can be folded and transported easily. So it can be used at home as well as on the road, for example on the beach or in the gym, for Hula Hoop Yoga.
The Hula Hoop is suitable for various types of physical activity. It can be used for gymnastics, stretching and balance exercises or for Denefhoop Yoga. Denefhoop-Yoga is a calm form of yoga that is primarily about relaxation. Breathing, which is important for yoga practice, is automatically supported by the hoop. The performance aspect is in the background. This makes Denefhoop Yoga suitable for everyone.
Athletes as well as older people or pregnant women benefit from this fitness equipment. Children can also have a lot of fun with the Hoop. Because it can be used playfully to improve posture.