Infrared cabin

The infrared energy is not only safe for our bodies, but also exceedingly helps. To promote selfhealing belonging to body already for a long time doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and masseurs apply infrared lamps (Infrared warm cabin) to the medical treatment of arthritis, joint pains, tense muscles, tapes and tendons injuries.

Infrared warmth in an Infrared warm cabin a ray warmth, the objects is warmed up directly and without air lying in between. This process is called conversion. The ray warmth is also called infrared energy (IR). The infrared segments cannot be seen on the electromagnetic spectrum, be perceived, however, as a warmth. The main portion of our solar energy lies in the infrared area of the spectrum and can reach by our atmosphere within 7 – 14 Mikronenbereichs the earth's surface easily. If the earth is warmed up, delivers these infrared beams from up to 10 Mikronen.

According to Dr. Tsu-Tsair Oliver Chi's Resümee about the functional mechanism of infrared devices with effect on the human body, the fabric selects and absorbs these rays. The internal production of the infrared energy which ordinarily seems within our fabric stands in connection with a huge number of healing reactions and needs every now and then support reach around the full healing reaction in the ill or injured fabric to. After the fabric has taken up the maximum in infrared beams, the remaining rays walk harmlessly further. This phenomenon is called "Resonanzabsorbtion". Infrared warm cabins