Infrared Sauna

More favourably than a classical sauna, besides, careful and more salutary thanks to depth effect: the foldable up Infrared sauna plus-indication cabin. The used distant infrared radiation is quite natural – our body sends out them themselves in the form of warmth. Infrared sauna uses this radiation for an especially effective and economic form of the warm bath. She penetrates the skin layers up to the muscles and unfolds the being relaxing and curative effect inside.

Thanks to the FIR depth effect a use reaches the double sweat amount and a slag removal raised up to 7-fold in comparison to a customary sauna. The circulation is spared at the same time by the low temperatures (50-65 degrees). This Infrared sauna is fully operational within 10 minutes, little stream uses and makes itself after the use quite small. Now recommended with sciatica, arthritis, menopause syndrome, shoulder stiffening, rheumatic tables illnesses, acne, skin deseases, back pains, muscle spannings, mucus bag inflammations this unique, qualitatively high-quality, portable Infrared sauna with extremely advantageous signs, can be used, finally, also in the privacy of your house or in small flats.

Distant-infrared rays own the ability to penetrate objects on account of which the human body can absorb this. If distant-infrared rays by the skin penetrates into the hypodermic skin layers, this deep light energy converts itself into warm energy. This warm effect within the deep fabric layers causes that the hair-fine blood vessels widen and guarantee therefore a better blood circulation. This warmth supports the removal of body poisons and slag materials by the sweating.