Hula hoop ring

Hoopomania Light Hoop, Foam Hula Hoop 1.2kg

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€ 25,90
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Massage Hula Hoop with 35 Acu-pressure balls, 0.8kg

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€ 14,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Hoopomania Weight Hoop, foam hula hoop 1.5kg

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€ 27,90
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Hoopomania Profi Hoop, Hula hoop of metal and foam, 1.1kg

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€ 24,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Hoopomania Gym Hoop, gymnastic hula hoop, 0.6kg

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€ 19,90
including 19% VAT., plus shipping
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