Grill, Mangal

Stainless steel skewers (flat) SET of 10 for shish kebab, 50/60cm

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Family Mangal Shashlik and BBQ grill from stainless steel

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If you also like to lay at home grilling because you love juicy steaks on the grill and enjoy the perfect taste on the tongue, should look in our category for barbecue. Enjoy your garden with the sunny weather even more, for example if you order a Mangal Grill with us, which is perfect for kebabs, chops or BBQ grill.

A grill made of stainless steel
Decide on the material of stainless steel, so you are always hygienic go, because as you notice the cleaning much easier. If you are looking for a Mangal BBQ for the whole family, we can also assist. Depending on how much space you have in your garden for grilling, we recommend that product. So you are independent and can always grilling because you see fit. Did you know that it is also very healthy way to grill? Make experiments with your special marinade and place all the pieces of meat or vegetables on the grill. So you are in fact soon the perfect grill master.

Perfect taste with charcoal
You want the perfect Mangal Grill, which is easy to clean and store easily? Then take a look at our stainless steel grills in peace to you of course are welcome to heat up with charcoal. Charcoal gives a unique flavor to the meat or other grilled specialties on, try it out. So if you are a gourmet, you should our Mangal Barbecue envisage for the unique taste experience convinced immediately.

The perfect grill (mangal) selection for culinary delights
The grill (mangal) models in this shop are high quality products made of stainless steel. With this selection of grills (mangal), you can benefit from an attractive and comfortable range of functionalities. Grilled food can be kept warm on the family barbecue grill. An extensive equipment completes the excellent cost effectiveness.