Face mask

Mask with magnetic effect
To hold the skin in the face pure and nice, a mask often comes to the use. By this the skin can recover and receives at the same time new strength to regenerate. A little bit other kind of the mask is given by the magnetic Gesichtsverjüngungsmaske. This special mask can be put on any time simply and uncomplicated to stimulate the skin on the face positively and to influence. In the mask are elastic magnets which generate a magnetic field which affects supporting the circulation of the epidermis cells. Therefore the materials required by the skin can reach faster in the skin cells of the face.

Mask also in the sleep usable
The magnetic mask can be simply used any time. It can be simply put on and be fastened to the head. Therefore it itself can be kept in the sleep on, so that the skin can become rejuvenated during the night. Above all stress and instep folds are obviously decreased by the mask. Also the ageing process which is given by the charges in the everyday life, but also by the effect of the sun is stopped by the magnet mask.

The mask with headaches and tiredness
The skin on the face is perceptibly vitalized by the application of the mask. This process is an advantage just when one is tormented by headaches or ocular tiredness. In this case the mask can lead because already after a short rest with the mask by the magnetic effect to a perceptible improvement of the well-being and a stimulating mood. This is to be explained by the quickened circulatory movement of the skin cells which is caused by the magnetic field radiation.