Actually purify and detoxify by cupping

Already since the Middle Ages bleeding is used by special cupping glas to the internal cleaning of the body. And also even today many people trust in this alternative cure which completely gets by without drugs. Even if you liked to detoxify yourselves once and also purify, we offer to you with our bleeding sets a qualitatively high-quality set including cupping set. These sets are suitable above all for beginners in the area of the cupping, because the bleeding set contains cupping glasses as well as the required vacuum pump as well as the required magnets. Other sets contain beside cupping set also a needle hammer which is required for bloody bleeding. Instructions to the right use of the cupping set are enclosed to every bleeding set. Of course you receive with us the cupping set also separately in the set of six or eight pieces. Moreover, the cupping therapy helps against Cellulitis, muscle spannings, low blood pressure, pains of all kind as well as infirmity states.

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