Cupping – traditional procedure since the Middle Ages

Already in the Middle Ages the people knew around the curative effect of the cupping. And in it nothing has also changed till this day. While bleeding are put to the patient the special cupping set directly on the skin, mostly in the area of the back, and generate there a subpressure. The idea which lies behind since beginning of this cure is that the pollutants which have collected in the body about the skin are eliminated by the subpressure originating while bleeding. The subpressure is generated while bleeding by the fact that the air is first heated up in the cupping glas. Then the cupping glas with the hot air is put immediately on the skin. Alternatively to the unterprinter witness by heating up this can be also generated by a modern Absaugvorrichtung. Besides becomes distinguished between the bloody one and dry bleeding. And with the bloody variation the skin is slit and remains with the dry variation the skin unscathed.

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