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Luxin Non Slip clothes hanger set 10 pcs + Bonus

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Luxin Non Slip clothes hanger set 3 pcs + 1 clip

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Hooks Set for Luxin clothes hanger, 10 pieces

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Also you had to get angry because a freshly ironed blouse slipped down from your hanger and they had to start over again before? This has an end, if you order our multifunctional hangers. These are made ??of a special non-slip material. So that means that you never iron again in vain, because what was once hanging on the hanger, stays there. In addition, may you know the feeling that you think you have chaos in your closet.

No more iron for nothing
Even if you are limited more in your place in the wardrobe, you can look forward immensely about our multifunctional hangers. View this product, because you will see how to save space, you can hang your clothes with it. That so that a coat hanger equal fulfills several positive criteria when you opt for this product. The useful accessories that you can order from us at a low price, provides for order in your wardrobes. Try it once and you order a small set of four parts, so you can venture a little test at home. Alternatively, you can immediately do is order matching beginners hook, so you can still enhance your closet space.

Innovative idea for all wardrobes
Use this innovative idea for you to facilitate your everyday household. So you never iron again and nothing can possibly equal to afford new clothes dream, because you know that you can find in the cupboard for that place. Enjoy the numerous benefits that this product brings with it.
Most likely you also need to run a household, and you are its clear that it means a lot of effort to do laundry properly and iron. First, you have in fact even bother to wash the clothes properly, or to remove all stains. Before you can iron the laundry, however, if, for example, is your favorite blouse in the hamper, you need to hang laundry or dry.

Support in the home
For drying the laundry, you have different options, because you can set a tumble dryer either, everything done automatically and electrically or you can hang the laundry on a clothes rack. Then have successfully dried the laundry, you can iron the good pieces. Now, however, the question arises, how to keep your ironed garments. Again, you have different options in your closets because you can do your laundry either fold or hang.

Ironing is consuming
You've probably had the experience that it is easier and faster, especially if you hang your ironed laundry. Now the question arises, how to do it cleverly so that you approach as possible to save space on the matter. Of course you can define cheap laundry hanger or hangers. But you will quickly make the negative experience that you often have nothing ironed, when the laundry items from the cheap hangers simply slide down and crumple again. Would not it be worthwhile to use high quality hangers in your closet?

Save space and keep it safe
Consider the opportunity to order so-called non-slip hangers in the set, because thus the ironed clothes never slips off the hook again. In addition, our innovative system provides for the multifunctional possibility that you can immediately hang up several things at once on a hanger. To save space in your closet on the one hand and the other hand can be sure that you never have to iron again in vain, because the laundry stays where it belongs.

Just one look at these clothes hangers shows in an impressive way the functional differences compared to normal models: With these non-slip hangers, you will be able to use up to 200 % more space in your wardrobe. As well, you may enjoy a better order every day. Thermoplastic rubber ensures that clothes don?t slip. A special feature of these clothes hangers is that you may hang one in another in order to use as well the lower space in your wardrobe. Get now this attractive set of clothes hangers and the functional accessory for your wardrobes! From now on, you can easily and quickly realize more space and order in your wardrobe. Convince yourself now!