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Clothesdryer and luxury? On this is no contradiction!
Take a look at the selection of high quality and multifunctional clothesdryers in this online shop. The meaningful product descriptions will show you the advantages of each model at a glance. Due to an optimized distance between the drying rods, clothes will dry quickly. The manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty. The one click principle will be a useful innovation in your household.

One Click luxus clothes dryer E4 Clothes tower with 4 levels

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€ 79,00
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One Click luxus clothes dryer E3

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€ 69,00
including 19% VAT., no shipping costs

Replacement Strap Holder for One Click Luxury clotheshorse E1, E2, E3, E4

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€ 4,99
including 19% VAT., plus shipping

Two spare legs with casters for One Click Luxury clotheshorse E1, E2, E3, E4

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€ 14,99
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Two spare blades for One Click Luxury clotheshorse E1, E2, E3, E4

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€ 19,99
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One Click item for luxury clothes dryer

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€ 9,99
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Clotheshorse flexibility in every situation
To hang up his clothes properly, it required only once a clothesline. Those days are over. Luxin clotheshorse has developed, which can be adjusted individually on the basis of the innovative one-click system. With up to four different levels, the laundry to dry. That means that up to 100 pieces of laundry to be hung at the same time. The amount of each dry blades can be adjusted so that an optimal position while hanging the laundry is ensured. The wide spacing of the rods to each other ensures fast drying the laundry. The sheets can be easily dry on the top rod.

By existing roles, the drying rack can be moved easily. This is true even when they are fully loaded with wet laundry. The side wings and feet of the drying rack can be folded for most Luxin models. As a result, these prove space saver and can be stowed behind the door after use, at any time to save space in the closet or.

Multifunctionality and durability
If the laundry tower is not needed for the laundry, can this by removing the side wings to a wardrobe change to the total of 10 brackets have space. Here shirts and blouses can be hung crease-free, to avoid the subsequent ironing or significantly reduce. By using stainless steel, the clothes horse are very durable and robust. The high quality results in a one-sided loading does not lead to overturning. The surface is scratch and abrasion resistant. Because of the stainless steel, we also provide a warranty period of 3 years. The One Click luxury clotheshorse E3 is tested TÜV, so there are no concerns regarding the operability and safety.
With the flexible, space-saving and practical clothes horses of Luxin the laundry is dry faster and wrinkle free.

clothes hanger

In this online shop, you will find a new clothes horse of high quality and with a convincing cost effectiveness. We offer you an attractive range of clothes horses for different needs. Our models are made of shockproof materials and they offer a lot of practical functions: they don't need a lot of space as they can be fold away if not used. The innovative One Click principle allows you to adjust the clothes horse according to your needs.

Our drying rack can easily more! Click now through the product descriptions and pictures and learn what can be called multi-functionality and ease of use in terms of drying rack. You know, for example, not what to do with your drying rack when not in use? Our models can be easily folded to save space. Treat yourself to this luxury for such daily household chores! If you would like to avoid having to dry your laundry in the dryer, because thereby the laundry items damaged and hold much less long, you can look around at us. You need have no fear that the drying rack may not fit in your apartment, because for the most varied needs, we have a space-saving solutions.

different versions
Click to simply once the various versions, if you need a drying rack version with side wings for example. The more levels you have, the more laundry you can hang on the drying stand. Find out about it, how easy it is to stow our products, because you only need a few simple steps.

Ideal for large families

Especially if you have a larger family or even small children in the household, you need to wash clothes most likely often. You may already have a product from us? Then you look around, because this can most likely expand by additional side wings still. You are welcome, even after a coat rack look at us that stands out with both functionality as well as its design.

A sensible patent

Check out the luxury version in the drying rack or the laundry tower, because this version works the same way with a lot of levels. You may even make sure that your clothes still smell fresh when you place the drying rack on the balcony in the fresh air. Save yourself a lot of time with the housework and look at the practical implementations to, because such a patent makes in your home determines meaning, whether you are looking for a clotheshorse balcony or a drying rack is extendable, we have just the thing for you.

clothes dryer

Discover the newest generation of multifunctional clothes dryers You are looking for a new clothes dryer offering you a lot of space and mobility (through integrated foot rolls) and that does not need a lot of space if not in use? Then you may take a look at our most successful and popular models!

one click clothes dryer

Flexibility meets high quality - discover the new one click clothes dryer
In this section houseware, you will find our innovative and very popular one click clothes dryer. They are very easy to use due to the one click principle: The lockable elements of our one click clothes dryer enable you to adjust the clothes dryer exactly according to your wishes. Not convinced jet? Then please take a closer look at the meaningful photos of the innovative one click clothes dryers.

luxury clothes horse

Would you like to have a luxury clothes horse?
Our clothes horse models really deserve the designation luxury as they will offer you more comfort and more functions during the daily housework. Get now a new luxury clothes horse and you will see that even a clothes dryer can convince you...

clothes hanger

Start a revolution in your wardrobe with these innovative clothes hangers!
In this online shop, we offer you the exclusive possibility to purchase the Luxin Non Slip clothes hangers. These clothes hangerwill offer you until 200 % more space, they prevent slipping due to the integrated thermoplastic rubber and their intelligent construction makes it very easy to hang out different types of clothes. We offer you an excellent set price and each set contains an attractive bonus. By now this practical revolution for your wardrobe!