Bella Bambi applications

Feel an invigorating soft peeling without chemicals

BellaBambi gives you a soothing facial treatment without any chemical additive. With an effective vacuum massage, you can increase the elasticity of the skin and open the pores. In this way, it is possible that cosmetic products can penetrate deeper into the skin to achieve a lasting effect. Use (as shown in the video) gently movements over the skin surface to enjoy a soothing peeling effect. After several treatments, the skin will be visibly improved. With daily use, the skin becomes even softer.

Treatment of acne

The video above shows you how to work effectively on skin problems. With BellaBambi SENSITIVE, you will enjoy an effective acne treatment that is purely mechanical and not chemically due to the vacuum effect! Because of the vacuum effect, the skin pores are opened so that impurities and excess sebum can be solved easily. Unsightly blackheads are sucked with the beauty treatment almost directly from the skin. The result of regular applications can be seen and felt: A softer and smoother skin is waiting for you! Convince yourself now!


With Bella Bambi SENSITIVE, it is possible to revive the skin and to prepare it carefully for the subsequent treatment with selected cosmetics. The gentle massaging effect improves the blood circulation and provides a gentle and extremely pleasant stimulation. A streamlined and younger appearance of the skin will be the visible result after a certain period of regular applications.

Treatments against cellulite

Cellulite is often already a problem in younger years of life, it is actually a variation of adipose tissue preferably in the area of the thighs. In contrast to a number of treatment options, a vacuum massage with BellaBambi immediately shows a lot of advantages: the innovative health treatment stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic flow so that the affected tissue can be better drained. Fat can be removed better and the skin will improve. In this regard, the BellaBambi vacuum massage is an effective weapon against unpleasant cellulite.

Remedy for stretch marks on the skin

As a very stretchy organ, the skin in the abdominal area must withstand a lot in a lifetime. Obesity or pregnancy lead to small breaks in the skin as a result of overstretching. Even during pregnancy, you can set with the BellaBambi vacuum massage the foundation for a smooth skin: With the help of the circulation-promoting properties, it is possible to optimally prepare the skin for its functions and the necessary expansion. Regular and gentle massages can therefore effectively help to prevent unsightly stretch marks.

Soothing treatment of scars

Disturbing and sometimes stressful scars may not necessarily accompany you your whole life because with the innovative and health-effective BellaBambi massage you can loosen hardened tissue by lateral expansions. In the long term, you can restore the suppleness of the skin and provide a new flow of energy that was previously blocked. You will feel more comfortable again!

Massages with Bella Bambi

You would like to enjoy a soothing massage during your lunch break? Or just more relaxing moments with your partner? With BellaBambi, you may enjoy a convincing flexibility because the treatments can be enjoyed virtually anywhere. A cupping massage offers a very special and especially noticeable health value added: The circulation is stimulated, tension pain is relieved and the metabolism is stimulated efficiently. BellaBambi INTENSE is recommended for tensions on robust skin. BellaBambi VITALITY is rather recommended for universal applications.

The neck massage

Unpleasant neck pain is a common phenomenon nowadays (often at work) favored by too much stress and an incorrect posture. Neck pain can be effectively prevented with soothing BellaBambi massages! In this sense, you can use your BellaBambi thanks to handy size directly at work. Applications in the area of the neck all ensure relaxation and revitalization. Enjoy from now on at work or after work BellaBambi VITALITY or INTENSE in order to enable small and especially noticeable miracles of relaxation.

Enjoy a soothing back massage

Hardly a tenseness may be such painful as in the back area. BellaBambi INTENSE has been designed in this sense as beneficial health application to stimulate muscles to loosen even more deep-seated tensions. Even more invigorating is a treatment with massage oil: Enjoy with BellaBambi an effective cupping massage and turn off completely for a few minutes. Experience a better relaxation effect that can moreover contribute to a stronger tissue and a more robust skin.

Perfect for in-between: Enjoy a refreshing massage

Whether in the office, at home or after a grueling workday: BellaBambi offers you the perfect solution for a sensual massage in between. Take a few minutes every day to treat muscle tensions and to dive into a relaxation phase. Daily time outs will help you to improve your well-being and to feel yourself fresher.

Partner massage with BellaBambi

In contrast to a stressful day, you can treat yourself and your partner with BellaBambi a soothing massage. Take a time out with body-conscious togetherness and discover the noticeable effects of a vacuum massage. The invigorating suction effect proves to be a source of energy and relaxation. Enjoy this feeling together as a relaxing short break.

Massage for mother and child

Since time immemorial, is intergenerational known that the proximity of the parents is very important for child development. Having this in mind, you can enjoy with BellaBambi SENSITIVE soothing moments of intimacy. Relaxing stimuli for the child stimulate not only the immune system, they also promote the overall development. The short treatments help to strengthen the relationship of trust and to enjoy conscious time outs from the often stressful daily life.