Aluminum hula hoops

Hula hoops made of wood are long out new and completely robust are the Hula Hoop aluminum strong>. They are on average only 800 grams and are therefore suitable perfect for shows and Friends of the fast hoopings em>. Alu Hula Hoops strong> are very easy to care for and thanks to special powder coating to look absolutely beautiful, different colors give these hoops the right cut.

Aluminium Hula Hoop Ø 90cm, gold/silver

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Aluminium Hula Hoop Ø 90cm, colored

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Aluminium Hula Hoop - a slight tire!
Hula Hoop is a sport that is easy and visually appealing. The hula hoop of aluminum provides even more ease, because the weight of this material is very low. The Hula Hoop aluminum combines elegance and flexibility, lively choreography, nothing stands in the way. Aluminium hula hoops are very resilient, robust and unbreakable, above all. Nothing can happen in daily workouts you so.

Flexible and peppy!
This material is very robust, yet it is light and lively, so it can be moved with flying colors around the hips. The aluminum Hula Hoop is very easy, this "training partner" always makes a good figure. The own posture improves the tire and the pounds are falling like its own. It is also the cardiovascular system stimulated and the musculoskeletal system is brought up to speed. Hula Hoop is so very healthy and very conducive to a good figure. With the aluminum hula hoops can also set color accents, these tires are available in all colors.

An aluminum hula hoops granted best quality!
An aluminum Hula Hoop is ideal for beginners and experts, because there was a special emphasis on durability and quality. The material is powder-coated and thus resistant to scratching. But the natural charms of aluminum still remains, an optical gloss effect can be found in all tires. The color choice is up to you, a hula hoops brings different colors in the training everyday. Furthermore, the aluminum hula hoops ensures a comfortable weight, with its approximately 370 grams, it provides a lot of comfort and mobility.
Aluminium hula hoops
A good hula hoops should be distinguished in particular by easy handling, a good swing and its longevity. A Better looks while still fantastic.
Whether as a sport or as a stage prop: These hula hoops are made of aluminum-round packages.

Herausausstechend in this hula hoops type of its material: made entirely of aluminum, have the Hoops over a natural stability, thus allowing an additional more constant and, if you like, faster spin. Unit of tire case of its track and hits harder on, this is no problem. The metal aluminum is characterized, when properly processed, through its rugged yet surprisingly lightweight texture from. With a total weight of only 800 grams, the tires are thus both ideal for athletes who want to strengthen your abdominal and core muscles, as well as for leisure Hooper, they just leave circling for fun. Thus, a switch from wooden or plastic tires on aluminum hulahoops no problem.

A special powder coating the Hola Hoop receive their elegant appearance. In this particular method of powder coating the aluminum tire is first pretreated carefully to be connected in the next step using electrostatic process inseparable from the respective coating. The result is the characteristic smooth, matt reflective surface. Corners and edges are nowhere. The wide range of stalk full rich colors that can entirely on personal preference between green to red to silver and gold vary, complete the lively design. Plain and schörkellos held certainly a quite fair advantage for stage performances and shows.

Easy care
With a unique look and a pleasant contact feeling the powder cladding of hula hoops of aluminum prevents additionally that dirt and grime sticks. Streaks or spots do not arise. So whether the children of the hoop in the garden have dropped, or the gym floor would leave traces, wipe with a damp cloth, and hula hoops, looks like new, to turn provides more rounds.

Fun of sports
Whether beginner or expert, as a pastime, strengthening the body control and balance or to leave at a show lasting impression: Aluminium hulahoops are true all-rounder and show that you neither in terms of easy handling, shock resistance and durability of the material, yet flawless appearance must make reductions.