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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop - swing yourself fit and enjoy life: This online shop helps you to improve your health!

This online shop offers you a wide range of attractive products which help to improve your well-being. Discover the multiple possibilities of our innovative products. Our effective Hula Hoop models, for example, are more than a simple toy that you may still know from your childhood. The daily workout with a Hula Hoop is very effective as it structures your body, it helps to burn fat and also to strengthen your muscles.

Are you ready for a new feeling regarding fitness? Then you should have a look at our Hula Hoop models. Try them now!

Clothes dryer

Multifunctional and of high quality – discover our practical clothes dryers!

You are looking for a new clothes dryer that offers you a lot of space? Would you like to have a clothes dryer that makes the daily housework easier and much more comfortable? Then please take a look at our different models.

Different models for different individual needs

Depending on your needs, you can choose a model with 2 or even 4 levels for drying clothes. All our models are equipped with rolls so that the clothes dryer can easily be moved from one place to another. If not needed, you have the possibility to fold away the wings and the feet so that the clothes dryer does not need a lot of space.


Cupping: discover the agreeable effects of this traditional century old cure

Cupping is a century old and very traditional cure that was already used 2000 years ago in China. At that time, cow horn was used as cupping aid. Cupping is a very effective detoxification procedure. You may use it at home as it doesn’t have any side effects. Cupping helps to activate endogenous substances und to strengthen your immune system. The following diseases may be treated: diarrhoea, cerebrovascular diseases, headaches, arthritis, bone surgery diseases, colds and many more besides.

In this online shop, you have the chance to buy different sets of cupping glasses of high quality. The glasses are very easy to clean and they will be supplied in an attractive box. Please remember that you should cup only according to your doctor’s recommendation.

Hula Hoops

Discover our attractive product range of Hula Hoops

Our innovative Hula Hoops will help to revolutionize your daily workout. It will be pure fun and you will be able to improve your well-being and to lose weight as well. Hula Hoops are capable of offering you a perfect workout like any other kind of intense gym workout. Different sizes and weights and features such as, for example, integrated massage knobs will help you to individualize and optimize your workout.

The following effects of hooping will convince you. Try it now!
  • loss of weight, fat burning
  • Hooping firms up your stomach, hip tissue and bottom
  • improved coordination/posture
  • effective stimulation of circulation


Mangal (grill): Are you ready for the new grilling season?
The new barbeque season has quickly approached. If you are still looking for a new grill (mangal) of high quality and multifunctional in use, you should take a look at the selection of grills (mangal) we offer in our online shop. Discover the interesting features of our models. They are made of stainless steel and offer you a convincing functionality (it is for example possible to keep food warm).

Be part of a new trend: Grills are not just for the summer...
The popularity of grilled cuisine and of outdoor living explains why so many people use their grill (mangal) throughout the entire year. Here you may purchase your new grill online. The excellent price-performance ratio will convince you.

how to reduce tummy fat

How to reduce tummy fat? This online shop shows you the answer!
The question "How to reduce tummy fat" can be easily answered. You just have to take a look at the section "sport and fitness" or "Hula Hoop" in this online shop for your health. Hooping with our innovative Hula Hoop models is a very effective way to burn fat and to strengthen as well your musculature. Hooping is a very effective fat burner and by the way the daily workout will be pure fun for you. It will help to burn fat and to lose weight, furthermore you will improve your well-being day by day.

We show you how to reduce tummy fat. It is up to you to discover our attractive range of health and sport products!


Experience the agreeable effects of a massage with our innovative products!

A massage is able to reduce waste products such as, for example, lactic and carbonic acid that are built up in your muscles after activities and that may cause cramping or any kind of discomfort. A massage with our innovative products helps to enhance your immune system. Furthermore, it is a very effective way to reduce stress after a hard working day.

Discover now our attractive product range of cupping glasses, electrical massagers or other massagers such as, for example, our Massage Hula Hoop. Improve your well-being every day. In this online shop, you will find everything that you will need